The Largest AAC Blocks plant in INDIA.

Today we are pleased to announce 5 Star, The largest AAC Blocks production facility in INDIA.

Innovations break down barriers leading to dramatic changes in the construction industry. The ever-changing field has adopted AAC (Autoclave Aerated Concrete) modern technology to break away from traditional methods of using conventional blocks.

Modern and cutting-edge technology is helping to move away from the old-fashioned methods of using conventional /clay blocks.

The New age, Smart & Green building Material

AAC is an acronym for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete ( AAC ) Block. It's India's most modern, environmentally friendly, and intelligent construction material. It has enabled us to establish ourselves as the most viable alternative to the conventional red clay bricks used for commercial, residential, and institutional wall construction.

5 Star AAC Block manufacturing process gives blocks considerable strength. Combination with their lightness adds stability to the building, making it resistant to earthquakes.

5 Star AAC Blocks are extremely effective against fire and meet strict fire safety guidelines since they can stand up to 1200 degrees Celsius.

The absence of organic components of 5 Star AAC blocks. 5 Star AAC blocks provide an excellent defense against common rodents, pests, and molds.

Five Star AAC blocks are leading the way in terms of thermal rating and the ability to produce LEED-accredited construction blocks.

Light weight High Compressive Strength

5 Star AAC Blocks comprise 60 to 65% Flyash (by mass), OPC Cement, Quicklime, aluminum powder, and Gypsum. They are extremely sturdy and durable, despite their light weight.

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Green and Energy-efficient

The 5 Star AAC Block is Green and Energy-efficient. It can recycle in a highly efficient method industrial wastes, including Fly Ash (a by-product from the thermal power plant)

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