Technical comparison between 5 Star AAC Block vs Clay Brick

Parameter5 Star AAC BlockClay Bricks
SIZE (LxHxB)600mm x 200mm x 100mm,125mm, 150mm, 200mm & 230mm225mm x 100mm x 75mm
Structural CostSteel saving upto 15%No Such Saving
Mortar Consumption / Cu.M with 1:60.5 Bag of cement ( due to Flat, even surfaces & less no. of joints) 1.35 bag of cement ( due to irregular surface and more no. of Joints )
BreakageLess than 3%Up to 15%.
Construction SpeedSpeedy Construction due to its big size, light weight & easy to cut in any size or shapecomparatively slow
QualityUniforms & ConsistentNormally varies
Carpet AreaMore due to less thickness of wallsComparatively low
AvailabilityAny TimeShortage in Monsoon
Energy SavingApprox. 30% reduction in air - conditioned loadNo Such Saving
Chemical CompositionSond/Flyash used around 60 - 70% which reacts with line & cement to form AACSoil used which contains many inorganic impurities like sulphates etc. resulting In efflorescence
Precision in SizeVorition 1.00 ( +/-) mmVariation 3.15 (.1-)
Compressive Strength3.5 - 4.5N/mm2 ( As per IS:21B5 port III)2.5 - 3.0 N/mm2
Sound Reduction Indexl (dB)45 for 20 mm thick wall50 for 230 mm thick wall
Thermal Conductivity (Kw-m/C)It transfers heat between 0.21 to 0.42 W/mkIt transfer heat between 6-10 W/mk
Cost benefit factorSavings up to 24% in structural cast due to reduction of dead load ( Subject to project design)No Such Saving
Weight550 to 600 kg / Cubic Meter1950 to 2000 kg / Cubic Meter
Fire Resistance4 - 6 hrs depending on thickness2 Hours
Water AbsorptionShould not be more than 10% of its weight ( If the block or Brick absorbs more water than the above specified limit, it causes adverse effect on the strength and durabilityShould not be more than 20% of its weight
Moisture ResistanceBetter than Red BrickAverage
Saving PlasterOverall 35% cut down in the cost of plasteringNo Such Saving
Environment ImpactMade up of ashes, thus does no soil is consumedAround 32kgs of fertile soil Is used to produce one brick
MaintenanceSuperior properties of AAC blocks reduces the maintenance costVery High
Water Using during ManufacturingLow. only used for auto - cloyingHigh, need curing before use